New Relic Terraform `newrelic_dashboard` resource EOL

The New Relic Insights UI and API has served New Relic users well for over five years, digging into their data and creating dashboards on both web and mobile. The release of New Relic One in May 2019 introduced a new dashboarding solution based on the New Relic One platform: faster, more responsive, and more flexible. Since its release, we have been able to introduce features in New Relic One Dashboards that Insights could not support well. You can learn more about the upgrade to New Relic One Dashboards here.

As engineers, we know that all software eventually reaches the end of its useful life, and that time is upon us for New Relic Insights and its API’s. This means that on the 28th of July, 2021, the “newrelic_dashboard” resource in the New Relic Terraform provider will no longer be available. All existing dashboards, configurations, or integrations with the “newrelic_dashboard” resources should be changed to the new “newrelic_one_dashboard” resource.

To prevent issues with your Terraform provider:

  1. Upgrade to v2.x of the New Relic Terraform Provider. This migration guide will help you configure the upgrade.
  2. Move your dashboards to the newrelic_one_dashboard resource from the old resource. To assist with this transition New Relic will provide a guide and solution to export HCL templates from an existing New Relic dashboard. You can find the latest of the guide here.

For more information check out this Github issue notice in the repo.