New Relic to JIRA Integration

What is the best way to integrate New Relic alerts with JIRA. Jira is the service management tool.
I know it can be easily integrated using email but looking for a scalable and reliable integration

Hi @inthikab.thahir, you can use New Relic Incident workflows to send webhooks to Jira Cloud. (This feature is currently in Beta)See docs here:


Thank you @zahrasiddiqa, I was looking for something like this. Will explore further.

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There are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to the integration of popular tools like NewRelic and Jira(especially this one). As already stated, you can use the Incident workflows to send webhooks to Jira. Or, you can use an external connector to do the job. I’ve tried both ways - it all comes down to what you find more comfortable and easy to use. Zapier can help you with the NewRelic-Jira integration. It’s not difficult at all, and it’s fast. There is also another tool, which we use (also, an external one). What we like is that we can let our newbie handle the process because the tool does not require in-depth tech knowledge to do it + it happens in no time and without obstacles. Log-configure-connect: that’s all. It’s called ZigiOps.

Hey folks! Good news! We have released a new Jira integration that may meet your needs. More details here: