New Relic to monitor CD CI pipeline

New relic is a great tool for Developers, and it is able to address a lot of issues with CodeStream, APM and Opentelemetry.
However, my question is how we can monitor the devops cycle itself. A typical CDCI uses a large number of tools say jerkins, IDEs, JIRA, etc… How we can track a code/ release going through the various stages of DevOps cycle and provide dashboards and alerts to DevOps, if a code is stuck or skipped a stage.


Hello, Neha! I am a New Relic product manager working on features to help users mark system changes and operation events (deployments, infra changes, CI/CD pipeline steps) in the context of telemetry and error data. I am also working alongside other PMs to evaluate ways we can better support monitoring build and delivery pipelines. It’s technically possible to do some of this today by instrumenting pre-production/build servers and using custom Dashboards, but we don’t have many turnkey solutions/tools yet. That will change soon, however, and I would love to talk to you more about your needs and what you would like to see. Would you be up for doing an interview or providing a list of things you’d like to know about your pre-production environments?

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