New Relic to monitor Oracle Forms with APM

Looking to monitor an Oracle Forms application with the APM agent.

I placed the Java Agent on the AdminServer, as well as the 2 Managed servers. I see it connecting but it doesn’t appear to be gathering information relating to the Frmweb session. Is it possible to user for a Real User Experience type monitor?

Hi @wragei! Thanks for reaching out! While I’m not familiar with Oracle Forms, is this running on a web application with end users sending in form responses?

If yes, you could set up monitoring using the browser agent, see more here. If that doesn’t look like it’ll work, I’m also happy to reach out to our Java experts to see if they can add anything else here on this. Thanks!

Hi team,

Can Newrelic do deep dive monitoring (APM) for Oracle forms applications?..I am not able to see any Oracle forms metrics in Portal after installing Java agent. Can you provide any steps to configure the Java agent in Weblogic server (Oracle forms 12c) or to get the Oracle forms metrics.

@renakov344 Hi there! I think this post here may help with your question. Though as this sounds like a feature with the Java Agent, you may want to ask this in our Agents section here. Thank you again!