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New Relic University APM Pro Cert email not sent to some coworkers


Good morning!

I have some team mates in India who have completed the APM Certification testing with a passing grade but they’re reporting they have not received their accreditable link email or certificate. What’s the best way to get support in troubleshooting this for them?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.



Hi, @atittle: Certification candidates are allowed 3 attempts to pass the exam within 90 days. This is explained on the certification web site:


Otherwise, people could simply take the test repeatedly until they guess the correct answers, and the certification would not accurately reflect their expertise in using New Relic APM.

If your colleagues attempted the exam more than 3 times before passing, they must wait at least 90 days before they become eligible for certification. If you would like to send me their names in a private message, I can confirm whether this is the case. Thanks!


Hi Phil,

Here’s the usernames:


I had one other but need to find him in my slack messages.


Thank you! I will reply in a private message.

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