New Relic University - APM Video Tutorials

Spend less time troubleshooting and more time building new features and products with New Relic.

In the New Relic University course, Performance Monitoring with New Relic you’ll learn how you can use the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform to get end-to-end visibility through all the different layers of your technology stack so you can improve your customer’s digital experience.

For help with APM basics, check out the online course Get Started with APM. You’ll learn how to get data reporting, improve your application’s performance, organize your applications with labels, and get notified if something goes wrong with alerts.

You can level up your digital intelligence and become an APM Power User. In the New Relic University course, APM for Power Users you’ll learn to use advanced performance monitoring features.

Learn how to customize your APM data in the course Custom Data with APM for a more detailed and in-depth view of what’s going on in your application and a more complete picture of your app’s performance, and the ways your users engage with your app.

Looking for more? Head over to New Relic University to learn how to troubleshoot performance issues and interpret all of that sweet data.

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