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About New Relic University (NRU)

New Relic University empowers you to gain the insight you need to make better decisions to :heart: your tools.

From short video tutorials to comprehensive webcasts, you’ll find educational resources for all levels of users - beginner to advanced - on a wide range of topics. You can follow along with step-by-step tutorials and gain a deeper understanding of Application Performance Monitoring concepts with in-depth trainings. We’ve recently added new tutorials and a new Infrastructure learning path, so head over to New Relic University to check it out! :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Here are our current learning paths:

Do you have feedback on our videos or requests for new videos? Maybe there is a topic you’ve been dying to learn more about - go ahead and leave us a comment below! :speech_balloon:

Video: Improving Performance: Troubleshooting performance problems with New Relic
Advanced NRQL Queries in Insights
Video: Improving Performance with APM
Improving Performance with New Relic Browser
Video: Using the New Relic REST API
Video: Installing the Ruby Agent
Video: Installing the .NET Agent
Introduction to New Relic Browser
Video: Installing the .NET Agent: Azure Cloud Services
Video: Installing the .NET Agent in an Azure Website
Community Forum Digest Issue 1
Video: Getting Support
Video: How to Create and Manage Alert Policies
Video: Agent Installation
Relic Solution: Cohorts AKA Faceting by Time
Video: Installing the Node Agent
Enabling New Relic Browser
Video: Understanding Apdex: Getting Started with New Relic APM
Video: Navigating the Docs Site