New Relic User Access Restrictions

I have a use case where I want to restrict a user access to specific set of data that is pushed to new relic.
Suppose x is the whole data pushed to an account in new relic. And I would like to restrict a user “John Doe” access to be able to access only to some of the data in the account.
Is it possible to achieve this in new relic? On what basis do I get the ability to restrict the access to data?

Hi @abdulaleemvc

Currently, based on the current features and restrictions in New Relic, you can only achieve the said task by creating a new New Relic Sub-Account and pushing the ‘XYZ’ specific app data into that sub-account and onboard John Doe only to that specific New Relic Sub Account.
Example: I can have some application logs only to be made available to a given set of users using the New Relic Log module, I can push them to a sub-account and onboard the users to that account, so that only those users can use it.

Thank you @pillaivinil for your response. I’m going to do some further digging into our docs and ask our account team to see if they can provide further insights. Will update soon!