New Relic/VMware Monitoring and Alerting Suggestions

I am doing some initial research for our NOC department for William Hill Gaming/ Caesars International on New Relic/VMware monitoring and alerting. I have read the documentation on the NR/VMware integration and have some general ideas but would like to know of some specific alerting/monitoring that could be useful for us to use. Would appreciate any relevant feedback. Thanks.

Hi @jwoodward2

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

I see that this is your first post in the community here, congrats.

However it looks like you’ve probably already found the integration resources (ie this and this). When it comes to alerting there is no recommendation I can make, alerting is really down to what metrics are important to you.

What I would recommend is looking at the metrics reported by the VMWare Integration, you can see that in the docs above in the Find and use data section of the doc. Once you’ve determined which metric you want to alert on, have a look at the NRQL Alert guidance here. And the recommendations here too.

Unfortunately im not 100% sure on what exactly you wish to achieve with the alerts / monitor features offered by new relic. But im here to help however I can, so if the above is not helpful please consider the below.

  1. Can you provide context on what you would like to achieve ?
  2. Any blockers that are preventing this.
  3. Link the documentation you mentioned you looked at?
  4. What support you would like / need for us to help you achieve your goal.

Looking forward to hearing from you.