New Relic vulnerability management is now in Public Preview

Join the free-90-day trial today and spend less effort securing your software.

New Relic vulnerability management allows you to prioritize security vulnerabilities right alongside your telemetry data in the New Relic platform. Available today in public preview with a free-90-day trial, helps you build, deliver and operate a more secure software with features like automatic risk library identification and simplified 3rd-party tooling integration to track issue resolution and reduce business risk, making security an integral part of your observability strategy.

How do you join the public preview

Do you already have a New Relic account? Activate your 90-day vulnerability management trial here.

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What you’ll get when you join the public preview

The key capabilities included in the public preview are:

  • Instant Access to security data: Access to all security features and unlock security information across the entire software stack, no additional configuration required.
  • Application Vulnerability Analysis: Expose presence of CVE’s (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) across all dependencies. Get recommendations to update libraries and deploy across Java, Node.js, .NET, Ruby, and Python, with Golang and PHP, with more language support on the way.
  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Analysis: View cloud posture risks based on CIS (Center for Internet Security) benchmarks alongside cloud resource performance. Get recommendations for updates based on known issues.
  • Integrated External Assessment Tools: Integrate data from tools such as Snyk, Lacework, Github Dependabot, AWS Security Hub with our open ecosystem, or use APIs to pull in data from any custom source.

Want to know more?

Ready to get started with New Relic vulnerability management? Check out our documentation. For more information on how to be more secure with New Relic vulnerability management read our blog post.

*New Relic Vulnerability Management public preview free trial is available through Jan 31, 2022 and generally available early next year with Data Plus.


Hi. For me nothing happens when clicking the trial activation link. Is this available for non-US customers?

At this time, New Relic Vulnerability Management Public Preview is only for US-based customers. We are hard at work to extend the 90-day trial to other regions. We will update customers in those regions when available.

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I’m more after information as to if the EU region will be getting the Vulnribility Managment feature. Does any one have any additional information on this?

Hi @i-neda

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

Congrats on your first post in the community, Whoop!

While this is a little out of my scope, I did locate this following post which seems to highlight that this feature is currently only available for US data centre based accounts.

However please allow me to reach out to the security appropriate teams to confirm if there’s any updates in relation to EU data centre accounts.

Please note I shall confirm my update via this post.

Please also note I moved this post to another post, which is related to this topic.

Hi i-neda,
Thanks for the terrific question. It is planned to offer this product to EU customers in the General Availability phase early next year.

best regards,