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New Relic's Community Treasure Hunt





Nice find with the Billy Joel reference! @stefan_garnham

Sorry to say that the Insights and Bill and Ted clues you posted are incorrect - TRY AGAIN! :smiling_imp:

Hints: Insights really does turn plaid - post to come later! (Stay tuned!)
Bill and Ted make an actual cameo in the community! :wink:


Nice @stefan_garnham :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Hi, I just wanted to cheat and say this image is awesome :smirk:


THANKS! @mtraverso :speak_no_evil:

Isn’t she the best?! Check out the #FS16sf hashtag on Twitter for more Fiona FutureStack!



Here is a hint about how to turn your Insights gauge plaid (clue #7)!

The important part is to change the limit as you can see in this screenshot:

EXTRA POINTS: Providing a negative limit will make the gauge flip upside down! :speak_no_evil:

Post it when you got it!

Explorers Hub Treasure Hunt

“They’ve gone to plaid!”


:scream: WELL DONE, @jheady!

Plaid looks good on your data!


Open hamburger menu!!!

Can’t hold the cheese! Don’t like cheese. And that strange plastic stuff that isn’t cheese … don’t like that stuff either!


Do you have a hamburger???

Me loves hamburgers


Hey Treasure Hunters! I would love to see more Fiona FutureStack in this thread!

She isn’t too tricky to find - are you on twitter?

Just search for the #FS16sf hashtag, from FutureStack San Francisco 2016, and see if you can find her! (My favorite picture is of her wearing tiny “fiona sized” sunglasses :sunglasses:. You may have to scroll down a bit, but it is worth it!

Can’t wait to see your favorites!



Found :sunglasses: Fiona!


And with the Girl Squad


I’ve spent more than a couple of hours searching in different ways and I think this is not easy to find unless you know where it is already. As evidenced by the fact this is the only item not yet answered.


Hmm you may be right about that, @stefan_garnham. Let me think of a better clue for that one. Hang tight!

Bill and Ted would have used PHP, don’t you think? and would have been very eager for PHP 7 support! :grin:


Bullseye :smile:

PHP Agent and PHP 7.0 post


Awww yisssss! @stefan_garnham! Nice job! :tada:


Hey all! We wanna see your data in plaid!

@alexagranov @akochpaycor @stefan_garnham @wmartinusa @glopez @ccoley @ville.hartikainen @jevelyn @Bauke @mtraverso @Richard.Quadling @nung

Clue #7 says: How does data look in plaid? Hit 10x your limit and see how bad. Only one rockstar, @jheady, has posted his plaid data so far!

I added a hint a few posts up: New Relic's Community Treasure Hunt

Post your gauge once it goes all plaid—it is my favorite “easter egg” in this whole treasure hunt! :heart:


Here’s mine