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New Relic's x-ray-sessions will be discontinued on April 17, 2019



New Relic’s x-ray sessions will be discontinued on April 17, 2019

Why is it going away?

While we recognize that x-ray may be helpful to diagnose timeouts and other performance issues, we are not quite satisfied with the lack of correlation and fine grained control our users need to identify production issues from the data generated by an x-ray session. As our platform evolved, x-ray hasn’t gotten better. We would like the opportunity to address this problem more holistically going forward.

What can I do without x-ray sessions?

There are New Relic tools that can help troubleshoot problematic performance issues in New Relic in lieu of x-ray. In all agents, users can configure transaction traces and set custom Apdex thresholds for key transactions that will help you understand the performance of your system. Furthermore, by using the thread profile tool, you can capture stack traces that may further aid identification of bottlenecks.

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