New Synthetic Monitor Types - APIs?

I was very excited to see the new Synthetic monitor types on the Nerdlog twitch stream last week. However, I’m not seeing an option to create or manage the new synthetic monitor types via the REST API or the GraphQL API.

I am able to get the synthetic monitor details for the new types (CERT_CHECK and BROKEN_LINKS) using the REST API, but so far my attempts to create new monitors via the API have all failed.

I’m referring specifically to these new monitor types:

  • SSL certificate expiration
  • Page link crawler

Did I miss something or is this coming?

Also, it would be awesome if we could export the script used for the new custom Synthetic types so that we could edit it if needed. That would allow us to start with the known best practice from New Relic and adjust if necessary.

Thanks for your help,


Hi Shaun,

Right now these new monitor types are only available through the UI; access through the API is forthcoming, however! Keep an eye on our Synthetics REST API page for updates.