New to New Relic - CPU Under Reporting APM Instances

In APM & Services > Instances
So they are all 16 vCPU instances. They are reporting about 1% CPU usage per instance. If its a 16 core machine its working out to about the correct usage we are seeing on the AWS side.

However it used to show in the 100s of percent’s and not hundredths does anyone know why or how this would have switched over?

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Just to gain a better insight here can you share a permalink to where you are noting this issue in the account and additionally if you can provide a screenshot of an example of this occurring.

Hi let me know if this looks OK. I excluded the instance names on the left but each line reports ‘1 instance’

To me it seems like it is just reporting cpu usage per core, its a 16 core machine so it lines up. But client is saying it used to show like 800-1600% per line. Trying to find out if there is some way the view was toggled or if some change was made.