NEW! VS Code Extension for New Relic 🚀

We know a lot of fellow developers use VS Code and want a seamless way to create, manage, and deploy apps directly from VS Code. That’s why we’re excited to announce the VS Code Extension for New Relic!

The Visual Studio Code Extension (VS Code) for New Relic helps developers build and deploy New Relic apps directly from VS Code. The extension allows you to use New Relic CLI commands to build custom apps, manage your apps, and gather the information you need to successfully add your app to the New Relic One Catalog. For reference materials, you can also open and search developer documentation directly in the CLI.

You can either fork the GitHub repo and provide your contribution or install directly from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

This project is built in open source and adheres to a Code of Conduct.

Happy coding! :smiley:


Wow, congrats! It would be fantastic to expand this to fetch APM agents docs (when integrating our libraries with software).

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@fferribenedetti I’ll reach out to connect with you on this idea, would love to hear more.

Any plans on building Intellij IDEA plugin as well?

Hi @Valery.Tamashevich Thank you for the interest in Intellij IDEA. We don’t have immediate plans to build a plugin for that IDE, but if you’d like to share with me what you’d be looking for I can definitely consider that for the future. :smile:

Thank Ya Sir.
Lemme learn first what Ya offer via VS Code first then I could prolly come up with some suggestions or some kind of wish-list like.

Sounds good! Thanks @Valery.Tamashevich