Newbie Question On Accessing Data For Android Application


I’m new to NewRelic, I’ve written a small demo app that calls most of the Android Apps. I also added a button to throw a runtime exception to test the crash reporting.

The crash reporting works as expected, but I’m not seeing any of the data from the recordBreadcrumbs(), recordCustomEvents(), recordMetric(), and setAttribute() calls.

My understanding is you access your data by clicking on the Query Your Data link, then specifying a standard SQL query after selecting the desired database table from the pop-up list.

The problem is that there are no tables, so I don’t see any data.

I have two questions:

  1. what is the relationship between the above API calls and the database tables? There don’t seem to be API calls to define the tables and columns so the mapping of APIs to tables is unclear to me.

  2. I setup an application, got the token, did the NewRelic.withApplicationToken(
    [token here]).start(this.getApplicationContext()); call in my main activity onCreate(), then do the series of API calls. I seem to be missing a step, so my question is, what am I missing?

Thank you,


Hi @warren.dixon
Hope you are keeping well!
I understand you are using New Relic mobile APIs and would like to see where the data can be queried.

recordBreadcrumbs() - This data can be seen in the crash analysis page under event trail. Alternatively, you can also see the data from MobileBreadcrumb event.
Here’s a helpful doc on this API - recordBreadcrumb (Android SDK API) | New Relic Documentation

recordCustomEvents() - This is to record custom events/tables. So for example if you are recording a custom event named Vehicles, you can query that info using NRQL like

Select * from Vehicles

Helpful doc on this API - recordCustomEvent (Android SDK API) | New Relic Documentation

recordMetric() - This is a metric data so you cannot get this by querying an event. However you can use our Data explorer and see this metric info.
More details on using data explorer can be found here - Introduction to the data explorer | New Relic Documentation

setAttribute() - This creates a new custom attribute. For example if you are creating a custom attribute called model you can query that from any Mobile events like

Select model from Mobile

More on this - setAttribute (Android SDK API) | New Relic Documentation

Here’s a list of complete mobile events for your reference - Events reported by mobile monitoring | New Relic Documentation

If you are seeing no data at all, please refer to this great troubleshooting document which covers some common cases.

Hope this info helps! Please let me know how it works for you.