Newly created Relic Account by AWS Marketplace has no account

I’ve created a new account by AWS Marketplace and after the activation , the New Relic interface is blank and I could not access anything even opening a ticket is not available.

We need your support.

Hi @Balfaqih :wave:t2: & welcome to our Explorers Hub! Sorry to hear you are having trouble accessing your account. We sometimes see this issue when an account has not been fully set-up.

Please go into your email inbox and search for an email titled “Welcome to New Relic, please verify your email!”, using the link in that email to finish connecting your account to your email address.

If you don’t see an email like that, can you please try using this link, here -

Please let me know if that works! If you need further support, I’ll be happy to open a ticket on your behalf. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks , The URL works fine. Now We are fully engage.