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Newrelic 4.0.0 reports /* with restify 4.1.1


Please share your agent version and other relevant versions below:

Newrelic: 4.0.0
restify: 4.1.1
node: 6.9.5

Please share your question/describe your issue below. Include any screenshots that may help us understand your question:

I upgraded newrelic to the newest version (4.0.0) and noticed that in the newrelic monitoring everything showed as /*. Downgrading newrelic to 3.0.0 resulted in showing everything correctly again

I could not find any kind of deprecation notice. Is there any document which states which restify version is supported in which newrelic version?


Hi @wentzel, thanks for reporting this issue to us! On initial examination, this isn’t expected behavior. Do you mind if we work with you on this via a ticket? We’ll want to examine some log files to see how the agent was handling those route names. There’s not a good way to do that via this mode of communication.

~ @jlangdon


Yes, sure, I do not mind at all :slight_smile:


Hey there @wentzel and @jlangdon - did you two ind a resolution? It would be great to share that with the rest of the community!


I think it’s a work in progress:)


OK! We’ll hang tight. Thanks for continuing to work it out.


Any news about this issue ? I’m experiencing the same behaviour.



Sadly, not. We could not find the root cause of the issue. Moreover, it was an old service of mine which was doomed to die anyway, so we decided to halt the investigation.


Hi @yann.boisclair, just wondering if you are experiencing this issue with the newest version of the agent (4.8.1), or using a framework such as Expressjs or Webpackjs? :slight_smile:


Hi @rdouglas, we got the issue with all the SKD version > 1.., but also, the project lacks of time to upgrade all the different packages (and Node itself).

I’ve shelve that for now and planned a major Node + packages updates session with the team.

I’ll give an update if it did fix the issue :slight_smile:


great @yann.boisclair please do let us know how you get on and good luck with all the updates :smiley:


Hello; I’m working on the same project @yann.boisclair is, and I confirm the following combination is grouping everything in (GET|POST) /*:

@newrelic/native-metrics”: “^3.1.1”
“restify”: “^4.3.4”,

“restify”: “version”: “4.3.4”
“newrelic”: “version”: “4.9.0”

Until this issue is addressed and solved, I’ll need to rely on the names set with the Module API as per th NPM doc at package/newrelic#request-naming-with-the-module-api (the forum does not let me post the entire link to npm)




Hey everyone, we’re still looking into this. I think we’ve identified the bug, and are in the process of addressing it. I’ll try to make sure to circle back to this thread when the bug fix is pushed in a future agent version, so that you can test that version of the agent and see if it resolves the issue for you.

Thanks for your patience!

~ @jlangdon


We are on newrelic 4.8.0 and 7.2.1 of restify. Has this been resolved in a newer version of newrelic (if so which version)? Thanks.


Hi @lauraj, it looks like this was fixed in v4.11.0, let us know if that solves your issue :smiley: