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Newrelic agent for ASP.NET Core 2.1



Newrelic doesn’t support the .NETCore 2.1 and get IL Formatting Error


Yes I can confirm that.


Thanks @peyman.malaei and @stefanjohann. You are correct. Here are the requirements:

Please let us know if you have other questions.


Thanks @hross , so do you have any idea when new relic will support version 2.1?

Also I already found this one:

So whether it’s .NetCore issue or NewRelic?


Yes any release date for 2.1 support? :slight_smile:


Hi @stefanjohann - Unfortunately, I don’t have a release date to share right now. Our friends in product are definitely working on it though, and we’ll provide an update as soon as we can.


Hi @hross ,

In my understanding, the issue is caused by incorrect profiling API usage on the NewRelic agent side, see:

Please provide an estimated release date for this issue.

There are lots of tools, frameworks and packages in use in our project, only NewRelic has no support for 2.1 :frowning:


I know this is frustrating @pavel.tupitsin, and I’m sorry about that. I promise to let you know as soon we have news for you.


I have the same problem as Pavel, NewRelic is the last piece holding my upgrade to 2.1


Same here. Hoping for a swift resolution. Really not keen on the idea of delaying my release or disabling NewRelic on production.


plus one here

I’m waiting to upgrade to .net core 2.1, and newrelic holding me back


Hey everyone,

Thanks for using New Relic and for your patience with this. As has been referenced in a past response here, we’re waiting for this PR ( to be formally delivered from MS and we will officially support 2.1, once we have that. We’re working with our friends with MS on this and their current thinking is reflected in the bottom of this thread: - which is, to include it in a subsequent 2.1 release. We anticipate this should happen in short order (<2months hopefully).


Newrelic agent for ASP.NET Core (1.1 and 2.0)
New Relic Nuget Package for .NET Standard

Just a note:

.NET Core 2.0 will reach End of Life on September 1, 2018


MS has changed the .NET Core 2.0 End-of-Life to October 1, 2018 to address/ fix this specific issue (in a subsequent 2.1 release):


We’re in the same boat too. Support for .NET Core without supporting .NET Core 2.1 just doesn’t cut it.


Hey guys, this is waiting on a fix by Microsoft, hence Microsoft has extended support on .NET Core 2.0. By my understanding the issue should be addressed in the August update. This will unblock New Relic from being able to release the 2.1 Agent.


@amurty, any update on .net core 2.1 agent? Thank you.


Hi @NKadiyam - thanks for checking in. We’re still waiting for the fix from MS. Was expected this week but doesn’t look like it made it. They are digging into the details and will report back here:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience with this. MS released .NET Core 2.1.3 today with the fix for this issue. We tested it with .NET agent version 8.4 and 8.5 and confirmed that it works! – so, you shouldn’t need to wait for a release from us or need to update your agent if you are on either of those versions.

As a side note, for now, we officially only support apps with ‘tiered compilation’ turned off. We will look into supporting tiered compilation as a roadmap item.

If you have issues or questions, please reach out to our support team.


Just a heads up for anybody using Azure App Services - 2.1.3 (sdk 2.1.401) is not available yet on Azure App Services so that will cause an issue if you’re trying to upgrade an application to utilize NewRelic.

They started a discussion on the deployment here, and currently they don’t have a timeframe for the deployment although it was initially stated to be rolled out by the end of this week (ie. today).