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Newrelic agent (in script node) not working with application name

I have a Node application (with Nuxt) that uses a Newrelic configuration script.
When we use app_name with the common description we always use, it stops returning data, but when we add any word in app_name it starts working.
For example:

Does not work -> app_name: [‘Mobile’],

Working -> app_name: [‘Mobile - Test’],

That is, the existing application does not work and stops collecting, but when created a new one begins to work.

Our agent:

/ **

  • New Relic agent configuration.
  • See lib / config / default.js in the agent distribution for more complete
  • description of configuration variables and their potential values.
  • /
    exports.config = {
    / **
    • Array of application names.
    • /
      app_name: [‘Mobile’],


Hey @regis.marta,

We have recreated the scenario on our end and everything reports as expected.
If you could elaborate on your scenario a bit more it may help us to figure out the root of what’s happening here. Sometimes with naming issues it can be reporting to an old application name.

Here are the docs on naming and what can happen when you change names and aliases.

As a side note, Nuxt is not within our supported frameworks but in theory shouldn’t be affecting this specifically.

Look forward to your response!

Hey @michaelbrooks thanks for the return!
Something intrigues me about this, we already had the data being captured correctly in a specific name in New Relic. When we created naming rules for the routes, it stopped accounting for the data. The problem even occurs by renaming it to ‘Mobile’ and aliasing the New Relic interface. It only counts the data again if we create a totally new project by ignoring the already existing records. It somehow gets lost with existing data (no naming) and new named routes in the same project.

Still I am reviewing the documentation but if you could help me I would be very grateful.

Thank you


Thank you for the context around your issue. Would you be able to send a [permalink].( to several examples/apps in which you are seeing this issue? This link is not accessible to others in the forum.

In order to create a permalink to any page within the New Relic user interface, scroll to the bottom and click ‘Permalink’ all the way on the right next to ‘Kiosk Mode.’ This will show us the exact page and time period that you are observing.


Hi @michaelbrooks,

I’m sending a permalink with the access we are viewing showing the metrics with 0%.
I may not have explained enough in the previous messages, but what exactly happens is as follows:
We renamed our app routes to improve the way we collect our metrics, and after renaming the route names we stop receiving the metrics.

If, when metric names change, is it necessary to create a new application panel when route (and transaction) names are changed? Should it not be updated on the current panel itself?


Thanks for providing so much detail! There is definitely some unusual behavior here. The issue with changing your app name is likely because changing the app name in the agent’s configuration file will cause the application to report to a new heading in the New Relic user interface, with a total discontinuity of data. However, the issue with route naming is unique and I’d like to see the log output for what happens with those changes. I opened a ticket in Support and will update here once I’ve reviewed the issue.

Hello NR Support, any updates on this case?


Thank you for checking in about this! @DoctorWho is still working with the customer on this ticket and will update the thread once we have an answer soon.