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NewRelic Alert setup with Teams




I’m trying to configure NewRelic synthetic monitoring setup which will allow to send notification into Microsoft Teams.

Earlier, we had it for Hipchat, now we are migrating to Teams and want to enable it.

Can anyone please help me to configure this?

Thanks in advance.


Newrelic alert setup with Microsoft Teams
Microsoft TEAMS


Can anyone please help me to configure Newrelic alert setup with Microsoft Teams?

Earlier we had it for HipChat, now we are migrating to Teams so want to enable that. Thanks in advance.


Hi @himanshu.maity! It looks like you posted your question twice. I have merged them here so we can keep better track of the conversation. Thanks for your patience while our experts look into this.


Hi, @himanshu.maity: You may find this thread helpful:



The setup whatever you shared worked for me. I’m getting 200 response code, although not receiving test messages in Teams channel.

Can you please help me on this?

Himanshu Maity


Just FYIP, I added the Teams notification channel URL in the Base UrL.


Hi @himanshu.maity, in this context it seems like the 200 response means that MS Teams accepted the request, but it doesn’t seem to have the result you are looking for. After doing a bit more digging, you may want to try using this documentation instead:

The documentation provides a reference for payload values, as well as a playground where you can test out and view a test version of your webhook card.

I went ahead and did a bit of experimentation through the playground and our payload attributes, and found a combination that I think would work well for you. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

    "@context": "",
    "@type": "MessageCard",
    "themeColor": "0072C6",
    "title": "New Relic Alerts",
    "text": "$EVENT_DETAILS",
    "sections": [
            "heroImage": {
                "image": "$VIOLATION_CHART_URL",
                "title": "Graph"
    "potentialAction": [
                    "@type": "OpenUri",
                    "name": "View Incident",
                    "target": [
                            "os": "default",
                            "uri": "$INCIDENT_URL"
            "@type": "OpenUri",
            "name": "Acknowledge Incident",
            "targets": [
                    "os": "default",
                    "uri": "$INCIDENT_ACKNOWLEDGE_URL"