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Newrelic APM nodejs agent causing intermittent proxy errors while accessing web application



Hi Newrelic,

Our frontend code is with nodejs. we have newrelic apm nodejs agent in place, after the newrelic installation, our web application throwing proxy errors intermittently, this took us lot of time for debugging.

when we removed the agent, then the app is working fine. can anyone please share your thoughts on this.



Just want to give additional info…

our frontend app runs behind a apache proxy and reaches to backend tomcat server.



Hello YG!

Could you expand on what Node framework you are using.
Understanding your front end structure would be helpful to understanding your scenario.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the Reply.

Node Framework = React JS

we are running this react app inside a node docker container, and this docker is behind the apache reverse proxy and this app also contacts back-end tomcat api server and mongo db database.

Plz let me know, if you need any other information.

Thanks again.


Hey @yogeshsurapaneni!

If you’re looking to monitor a front-end application, you’ll need to use New Relic for Browser instead!

Here’s a link to our documentation to get you started on that:




Hi Sara,

Thanks for the reply,

I am told by the newrelic team that APM works for both frontend and backend systems and also for configuring newrelic browser recommended step is to install APM first.

So, I don’t understand how you are saying that APM is not the one for frontend, can you please provide me some additional documentation.



Hi, @yogeshsurapaneni: This is not correct; New Relic APM is for backend only. The Node agent cannot be used to monitor frontend applications, although it can inject the Browser agent into client-side web pages.


Hey @yogeshsurapaneni,

I realize that information may not be what you were hoping for. If we can help you with any browser information please let us know, we are happy to help!

APM is suggested to use as one of the fastest ways to move forward with Browser implementation if you are already using the APM product on your back-end application.

This is the easiest way to install the agent for an app that already is being monitored by New Relic APM.

You can follow along here in the Copy/Paste section of Browser installation to see how you would integrate this into your front-end application after signing up.

I hope this helps clarify and gets you moving forward.


Hey @yogeshsurapaneni ,

I see you opened up a ticket about this. We’ll continue to work with you over on that ticket but we encourage you to come back here to the Community and share the answer to help your fellow users when they have the same issue in the future!