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NewRelic APM PHP 7.1 agent does not report predis in APM dashboard




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We have an issue with the Redis transaction display in APM.
I checked the post - Relic Solution: Common Causes of Metric Grouping Issues.
I think it can be an issue due to Magento 2 creating temporary tables.
How I understood there is required Support assistance to resolve it.

Could you please take a look?

Thank You,


Hi @arams.airapetjans!

I checked your metrics and they look good; there’s no metric limit in place that would prevent Redis data from appearing. That was a good idea to check on though!

What library are you using for Redis (PHP Redis, predis)? One more thing that might help us investigate this is if you can also describe the functions that you’re using to interact with Redis, if that’s something you can add here?

I’ll look out for your reply!


Thanks for your response @ntierney!
We are using Credis.

It is working in standalone mode.

As I understood NR not support Credis, so we installed phpredis and all is good now.

Thank you for your support.