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Newrelic diagnosis complains about escape_utils gem, but that gem is not installed


When I run the ‘nrdiag’ tool, it complains about the escape_utils gem.
However when I list my gems, this gem is not present at all.

What’s happening?


Hi Andre,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

The Ruby/Config/IncompatibleGems task tries to string match the names of gems incompatible with the Ruby agent, searching files matching Gemfile$ or Gemfile.lock in the directory from which NR Diagnostics was run. It’s possible that the gem is listed as a dependency of another gem, or the list of gems is coming from a different directory?

Can you grep through the working directory and see if you can find escape utils in any file titled Gemfile*? You can do this with something like cat Gemfile* | grep escape_utils from the same directory you ran New Relic Diagnostics.

If this doesn’t surface what’s causing the escape_utils gem to be detected, please let us know and we can open a support ticket and dig into this issue further.