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Newrelic doesn't receive reports in case of UWSGI harakiri




in case of uwsgi harakiri newrelic doesn’t receive any reports, which means newrelic stats lacks of any info about most problematic requests to web application, does anybody have an ideas how to deal with this, and how to bring info about harakiries to newrelic reports? Would be good to know at least about fact of harakiri, but ideally - i would like to have regular stats about view (measurements, query plans etc)



Hi @gridnev.alexandr, currently the Python agent works by spawning a background thread in the processes we instrument. So if your long running worker process is killed via Harakiri, we would not be able to record data since the Python agent runs inside the process. Affectively, killing the process also kills the Python agent.

This would be a really useful implementation though so i’d advise you to add this as a Feature Idea here on the Hub, that way other users can vote on it and add their use-cases as the more support these ideas get the better :slight_smile: