Newrelic-infra log file filling up disk space


While the NRI Agent is working perfectly forwarding logs to New Relic, I have had a issue where the newrelic-infra.log file at the location C:\ProgramData\New Relic\newrelic-infra is increasing over time(reached ~4GB in 3months).

I am aware that this file is logging the agent behaviour and I am having verbose set to 0 in my config file.

Is there any way to mitigate this issue?

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Hi @pranav.samant - nice to see you in the community again!

One thing to check before we troubleshoot further… Once you make a change to the config file, you need to restart the agent for the change to take affect. Did you restart the agent?

Hi Hross,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have restarted the agent. The most common errors recorded in the logs are -
“couldn’t post deltas”

eg of logs recorded: time=“2021-03-23T10:45:03+13:00” level=error msg=“couldn’t post deltas” areAgentDeltas=true component=PatchSender entityKey=MYSERVER error=“IngestError: inventory deltas were not accepted: 503 503 Service Unavailable {}” postDeltaResults=""

Please let me know if this makes sense.


Hi @pranav.samant - Thanks for that information! The “couldn’t post deltas” errors should be fine as long as they weren’t occurring over multi-hour periods…unless that was during a time when the host had lost network connectivity. However, if this host does have large periods where it doesn’t have an internet connection then those logs absolutely could cause increased usage.

Regarding the log data usage: Could you take a look at your C:\Program Files\New Relic\newrelic-infra\newrelic-infra.yml configuration file and see if this line exists:

verbose: 1

Settings 1,2, and 3 are all verbose output so you would want to change that to verbose: 0 which should help with the log usage.

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