NewRelic Infra not importing tags on SNS

I raised the same issue in the past for SQS, now we want to do some SNS infra alerting based on the AWS Tags we have set on them. On the Newrelic AWS integration configuration page for SQS I see several features and a switch to enable tag importing. For SNS I dont see this configuration. I also do not see our tags on SNS infra within newrelic.

Is it possible that the SNS integration also gets upgraded to have the same type of config as SQS? Like enabling Tag import? So we can use that on infra alert setup and filter down to production tagged only SNS topics.

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Thanks for posting @henkmeulekamp - I’ll get the request for SNS tags sent to the product engineering team. :slight_smile:

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Tags collection is still not available for AWS SNS. Is there any estimations when it will be implemented?

Hey @sergey.novikov1 - The latest info I can see on the request I filed is that this will be taken into consideration as part of a larger integrations review in the coming months. No guarantee of implementation or timeline for that yet though.

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