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Newrelic.ini log level


newrelic.ini: This log_level will not affect the Python logging module log level.
so how to set Python logging module log level? I would like it to be “error”. By default it is set to “info” I guess


Hi @sanjay.gandotra,

You can change the log level in your newrelic.ini file. To change the level to info the setting should be: log_level = error

More information about that can be found linked here:

Hope this helps!


After setting log_level = error in newrelic.ini file, I restarted server and I still see following logs:

2019-09-11 23:26:21,006 [ INFO] [ 107] [MainProcess] “Successfully registered New Relic Python agent where app_name=’xxxx’, pid=yyy, redirect_host=u’’ and agent_run_id=zzzz’, in 0.60 seconds.”

2019-09-11 23:26:21,007 [ INFO] [ 107] [MainProcess] 'Reporting to:


Hi @sanjay.gandotra

Can you confirm as well that you uncommented the following line?

log_file = /tmp/newrelic-python-agent.log



no, I did not. I am not interested in capturing logs in a file. Logs are coming on console and I simply would like the log level to be “error”


Hi @sanjay.gandotra,

Are you able to send a permalink for the application in question? I’d like to take a look at some of the settings to see if something else is going on.