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NewRelic Mobile: Unity&PomeloClient




My unity app is using a nodeJS client, is there a way to track these transactions? (similar with tracking HTTP network requests)



Hi Alex,

I like to understand what you mean by nodeJS client in your question. I’m thinking you are referring to your nodeJS backend that hosts the API’s used by your Unity app. Am I understanding that correctly?



Yes, that is correct.


Hi Alex,

Perfect! I think the tool you are looking for is the New Relic APM agent and you can get that installed easily on your nodeJS client. With that, you’ll be able to track transactions and everything else the APM agent brings.



We already have it on the server side. But due to the fact that our backend is socket based (so no http requests), I was wondering how will this work with the network views/ custom network requests on the client side (unity app)?



Hi Alex,

I’m looking into this a bit more. Just to be sure I am on your page, it sounds like you want to track web socket transactions from your Unity app to the nodeJS server?



That is correct.




Thanks for getting back in touch!

Hrm, this sounds a bit tricky as there’s not auto-instrumentation from Unity. This will have to be all custom instrumentation via our APIs and will require you to translate your sockets to resemble HTTP Requests so that these can be captured as Mobile data.