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Newrelic One CLI setting proxy?



Hi There,

I am trying to follow instructions to build New Relic one application but when I tried to create a package I keep getting the following error

Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND artifac

I guess I need to set up proxy can you guys help me to set up a proxy using nr1 command


Hi @jeevan.bhimavarapu - There’s information on using a proxy here:


Hi Ryan, Thank you for the update I followed the instructions managed to generate unique user id using nr1 nerdpack:uuid -g behind proxy , but I am still having problem to start the server when ever I servenr1 nerdpack:serve to start server I keep getting following error

√ Nerdpack built successfully! x Error: It looks like your port 9973 is busy. The server couldn't be started.
and I don’t have any connection established with 9973, I opened a ticket regarding this issue as well.

Please do update

Thank you


Thanks for creating that ticket - looks like @daffinito is helping out there so I’ll leave this to him, rather than duplicating our effort here we can focus on the ticket and post the resolution back here when the ticket is completed :slight_smile: