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Newrelic one Lambda error logging is not showing application custom logging from cloudwatch



Hi Team,
I have integrated lambda cloudwatch with new relic and data is flowing fine. However I cannot see custom exception which our application is logging into cloudwatch. I have tried to remove ‘NR_LAMBDA_MONITORING’ filter from filter subscription but still no custom error message is showing on dashboard. Do i need to log the data in specific format so that newrelic can show on the dashboard?


@Tanmoy.Sarkar You shouldn’t need to log the data in a specific format, if the instrumentation is working properly. The NR_LAMBDA_MONITORING filter is what passes along your payload to NR1, and is what should be showing in your CloudWatch logs if the instrumentation has been installed per Step 2 in this doc:

Questions for clarity:


Hi Scandela, thanks for the response. The banner does not appear for this function, so it “appears” to be fully instrumented. However, we’re trying to figure out how to get custom exceptions from a log group in CloudWatch to show up here in the New Relic data.

I think we’re missing something in Step 2, Option #4: Manually instrument Lambda Code. We’re using .NET.

We’ve opened up a support ticket for help so will continue the conversation there. Thanks!


@edgar1 great, we look forward to helping you in the ticket!