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Newrelic python agent is not sending data to newrelic servers at staging only


I have a new relic agent configured like so:


newrelic.agent.initialize(newrelic_ini_file, newrelic_env)'NewRelic initialized with newrelic_env '+repr(newrelic_env))'NewRelic config name is '+repr(newrelic.agent.application().name))

It’s logging the “right” things in staging, but it’s not sending.

NewRelic initialized with newrelic_env ‘staging’
NewRelic config name is ‘My Service (Staging)’
The agents send data from localhost and production.

This is some configs from the newrelic.ini file

license_key = xxxxx
app_name = My Service
monitor_mode = true
log_file = /tmp/newrelic-python-agent.log
log_level = info
This is my staging config in newrelic.ini

app_name = My Service (Staging)
monitor_mode = true
log_level = debug
One log that I think is suspicious is this

(14/NR-Harvest-Thread) newrelic.core.agent DEBUG - Completed harvest of all application data in 0.00 seconds.
I think the agent not collecting any data due to the 0.00 seconds part.


@OriMarko Thanks for your post. Can you confirm your staging instance is receiving traffic?


Issue solve due to change in script
newrelic.agent.initialize Moved before app = Flask(name).


Great work @OriMarko, glad to hear you got this resolved :smiley: