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Newrelic Server and APM monitor for Apache web servers



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server monitor version --> newrelic-sysmond-
APM version --> New Relic Agent v3.28.0

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I am trying to install APM and server monitor for my Apache web server, We already have tomcat as app server and we do have newrelic on them. But when i tried to install the server monitor its not starting up and also i am unable to find instruction to install APM for web servers. However i am able to see some instruction for httpd plugin but i am not sure how far it will monitor the httpd process. Could you please direct or clarify my queries.


Apache HTTPD cannot be monitored via APM, for a number of reasons. Mainly because it is written in CPP, which is not supported language for Newrelic APM monitoring.

You can however install a HTTPD plugins, available from Plugin central in Newrelic Plugins, which will give you some coverage of apache’s internal processes, in a manner of statistics.

Alternatively you can develop your own plugin, and monitor anything you require.

regarding you server monitor is not starting - there can be a number of reasons for that, and I advise you to ramp up logging level for nrsysmond and inspect the log output. Its pretty easy to troubleshoot, why something is broken. Given the stability of newrelic products, I am sure issue is at your end.

Nov. 4, 2016 Post of the Week—Ruby, Insights, NRQL and patches!

Hey quick update - New Relic Infrastructure’s includes an Apache integration that instruments your Apache web server. This document explains how to install and configure the Apache integration, and describes the data collected.