NewRelic Terraform provider - NewRelic 'does not match any New Relic monitors' starting from v.1.11.0

Hi team,
after a plugin version upgrade to 2.X.X (as per following documentation: I’m facing below issue in assigning a new alert condition to a NewRelic SUM:

Error: the name ‘NewRelic_SUM_monitor_name’ does not match any New Relic monitors.

data “newrelic_synthetics_monitor” “sm-eu_en-ecommerce-NewRelic_SUM_scenario_ENV” {
name = “eu_en-ecommerce-NewRelic_SUM_scenario-market-env-script_api”

resource “newrelic_synthetics_alert_condition” “sm-eu_en-ecommerce-NewRelic_SUM_scenario_ENV” {
name = “DCE2.0 - Hybris - NewRelic SUM Scenario - Market - ENV”
policy_id = “${}”
monitor_id = “${}”

I tried rollbacking to version 1.10.X (the last I was using) and it works fine.
So I found that v. 1.10.0 is the last plugin version that is able to assign an alert condition to my SUM: starting from version 1.11.X I face above issue.

May you please support me in this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, This could be due to the API key that terraform is using not having access to query that resource. Can you verify that the user has access to that resource? You could also check<your_account_id>/users to see what role is applied to the user.

If you suspect it’s a bug in the provider, please file an issue in github and we can take a look.