NewRelic XCFramework inside Simulator on Apple M1

When I try to build my application to run inside the iOS Simulator on my MacBook M1 Air it fails with “‘NewRelic/NewRelic.h’ file not found”. Everything works properly when building for real devices, so I suspect the NewRelic.xcfamework is missing the simulator architectures used on the M1.

I am using NewRelicAgent 7.2.1 installed with CocoaPods 1.10.1.

When will NewRelic.xcframework be updated to work with the Simulator on Apple M1 CPUs? Is there another way to fix this?

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Hi @matt.lehner

It looks like our team has this filed for investigation. I will follow up with them on the status and get back to you with any current or upcoming solutions.


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I followed up with our iOS team, and they have just begun working with the new machines to resolve some issues with the XCFramework targeting the M1 chip. I don’t have full details just yet, but I will definitely continue to track this and provide you with updates.

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