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NGINX gives Error 502 when New Relic PHP agent is active



Whenever my PHP page throws an error, NGINX produces a 502 Bad-gateway error when the New Relic PHP-agent is active (version Whenever I deactivate New Relic, errors will become visible. I am running on php version 7.3.12, this also happened at PHP 7.2.*.

Also, my PHP application does not seem to gather any data from New Relic since we updated from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3 (we thought the problem with error reporting was due to a PHP bug)

Is there any way to solve this problem?

Best regards,


@thedigitalimprover So, to get this figured out I would start off by running a reinstall of the Agent, since you upgraded to another major release version. There is some good documentation on this here: Agent stops working after updating PHP

Once that is squared away and data can report again, if you are still experiencing the issue, could you share more information about the specific errors you are expecting to see? Are they showing up in the NGINX logs?

Let us know!