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No APM data using Java Agent



  • Java Agent vers 3.41.0

Hi, I’m currently seeing data within the infrastructure tab for my application but I am not getting any throughput or response time data.


Hi, @amit.patel: If you not already done so, you might try the troubleshooting steps here:


Hello @amit.patel, I also wanted to mention that if you’re receiving data under the “JVMs” tab for this application but no further data, it’s possible that you could be using a dispatcher that is unsupported by the version of the Java Agent you are using.

Our Compatibility and Requirements Doc has some great information on what the Java Agent supports “out of the box”. It’s worth noting that this document refers to our current Java Agent version 4.7.0 so not all functionality mentioned on that page will apply to the version 3.41.0 that you’re using.

If you do happen to be using an unsupported framework we would love to hear about it! We are constantly improving the product and I’d be happy to file a Feature Request if this is the case.


Hi @MrMatt , this might be the reason.

Under the ‘environment’ tab in APM, I can see that the dispatcher type is ‘unknown’, is this the cause?

Our app is a java spring boot app v1.5.3, running on an ec2 instance.


Hey @amit.patel yep that’s exactly what you’ll see when the Agent doesn’t detect a supported framework.

However for your case, it looks like we should have support for that version of Spring Boot. From our Compatibility Docs we support:

  • Spring Boot 1.4.x or higher

I’m guessing that this functionality was rolled out after the version of the Agent you are currently using (3.41.0). Could you try upgrading to the newest version 4.7.0(Download Link) and see if that works for you?

If you still don’t see data being reported with that version let me know and I’ll go ahead and create a ticket so we can collect some more specific information.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes!


Hi Matt,

i’ve upgraded the agent in our dev environment but the dispatcher is still coming up as ‘unknown’


Hi @amit.patel I’m creating a ticket for this issue so that we can provide account specific information. You should be receiving an email regarding that ticket shortly!


Hi Matt,

I am curious on the resolution of this. We are experiencing something similar and wondered if you could help us out. Basically we are seeing data under JVM but otherwise the Overview shows no data. We are attempting to instrument a background method, Spring 5, Java 10 and NR 4.8.0


Hey @pawel5 - it looks like we didn’t manage to get a resolution to that previous ticket - Hopefully @MrMatt will be able to help you though.


Hi @RyanVeitch,

Thanks for the prompt response. Let me know what information is needed from our end, I’d be happy to get some help with this. @MrMatt



Hi @pawel5

If you aren’t using any “Web” related Transaction data such at HTTP calls, etc…that would explain why you aren’t seeing any data currently get reported since a large portion of out out-of-box instrumentation is focused on Web Transactions.

Since you mentioned that you were hoping to instrument a background method I wanted to mention our Java Agent API(link) may be the best solution here. The quickest way to get a method instrumented would be to ensure that our newrelic-api.jar is part of the classpath and imported into the code, then add @Trace(dispatcher = true) above the method you’d like to instrument.

After adding the above and restarting the application, you should start to see data get reported for that method. If that doesn’t work out please let me know and we can get a ticket created to dig in a little deeper!


Hi @MrMatt,

We do add @Trace(dispatcher = true) onto the background method. Can you open up a ticket, I can provide more verbose information maybe it is something as simple as we are linking the wrong newrelic jar file.



Hey @pawel5 Please do let us know here in the community the resolution you come to in your ticket.