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No data reporting for this application for APM PHP



I’m having some trouble in implementing Newrelic APM for PHP 7.2.25 installed on AWS ECS containers. Every new service is added in APM but only for a brief time it remains green, after going to “No data reporting for this application” status.
Steps I took in the attempt to solve this:

  • check logs: both newrelic-daemon.log and php_agent.log are having data;
  • in newrelic-daemon.log I found: “Info: app …for lack of activity within 10m0s”
  • 2 newrelic apm processes are present
  • Data about the container is added in “environment snapshot” from the newrelic GUI
  • appname and license are set up
    Any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey @liviu.sima -

I see that you flagged this post for review - with the reason being that you have managed to solve this issue yourself.

Would you be willing to share your solution here such that others with the same problem can get an answer for this too?