No data when json log has arrays

So I’m ingesting logs from CloudFlare that are json. The json contains fields that have arrays. The arrays are coming in to NewRelic empty even when they contain data.

Here are a few sample fields in the json:

How do I actually get the array data showing up?


One field does show up.

But when you go to search by that field, it says no results found.

You can see here that Grafana and Loki automatically expand the array into individual fields:

NewRelic knows that the fields contain data and it prompts you with collected data when you attempt to search by the field, but it’s not showing up and search doesn’t return results.

Your logs need to be valid JSON and adhere to the limits and restrictions stated in our Log API docs here:

I recommend experimenting using curl and the Log API to send samples of your logs to New Relic until you can get your log values to show as expected.