No email received from availability monitoring

I had a site go down and never received the expected email from the availability monitoring I set up. I have checked my spam folder already. Why would this happen? I noticed that it’s a deprecated feature now too apparently. Would that be part of it?

hey @adclark1

I can see you’re currently 100% into our New Alerts system. While there is no availability monitoring in it as of yet (this is already being discussed here ), you can use Synthetics to create Ping Monitors that will work for this and give you great information! With Synthetics you can set up 50 ping monitors.

Details on how to configure these can be found at


Thanks. Yeah, I migrated over to see if that would help and ended up using Synthetics to accomplish the monitoring now. Sure wish I would have been notified about those changes rather than having my emails be silently turned off on me.

Once you go all-in with Alerts all of the notifications for everything are handled by Alerts conditions and if you don’t have any configured, or their policies don’t have notification channels assigned to them, you’ll find yourself in this situation. I can absolutely see why you didn’t think you’d be having a change in that configuration and I’ll chat with the docs team about making that more clear in the “learn more” links. Thanks for bringing this up!