No emails for configured alerts

We don’t receive any mails for configured alerts / policies. The test mail action does work and we receive email but for violations or alerts no mails are being sent.

Hope that someone can help us with this so that we can pro-actively monitor our platform

Hi @bvasselt,

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Can you confirm you have configured your notification channel as spelled out in Instructions for specific notification channels - Email ?

It sounds like you need to Add or update email channels to specify the email domains so that your team receives the alerts as expected.

Let me know if you have questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply! We have correctly configured the notification channels, email and user channels and both don’t work. So also no push messages on mobile devices.

Hi @bvasselt,

I’m checking with our support team to see if any of your team email addresses (including yours) are being suppressed, which can cause this issue.

In the meantime, can you try adding , and to your email filter whitelist, as well as the domain of our mailing provider

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Thanks, we will wait for the support team

Hi @bvasselt,

It was confirmed that only one email in your notification channel was suppressed and that has since been removed. All other emails on your team (on NR’s end) should be receiving emails.

Can you confirm when you are expecting to get a notification? Sometimes the issue can be your incident preference setting. Here you need to confirm that you have it configured to receive notifications on violations instead of incidents.

An Incident Preference setting By Policy is commonly responsible for it seeming like you are not getting notifications. Please see Incident preference options for more on this.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi @tpaul1,

I checked the preferences and tested with them. But still no email or app notifications. The “test notification” button is working:

Test notification
Oct 17, '21 08:44 PM UTC

Test notification sent by Enrise

View channel details
This channel is on 8 alert policies

But none of the configured policies will trigger this when an incident/event occurs.

Did some more testing and digging. Found a workaround that is mailing on incident but mobile app notifications are still not working.

The “email” channel works, the “user” channel does not work. But the “test” button for the “user” channel does work (email and mobile push notification).

Hi @bvasselt - Mobile push notifications are available only to users on the original user model, not to users on the New Relic One user model. As a workaround, you can use the email notification channel.