No SQL in transaction traces and no bind values in Slow Queries

We’re trying to get to details of DB queries, optimize the slowest, etc. This would be very useful for our team.

We’re running .NET Agent and the application uses Oracle via Oracle Managed Client. Most of queries are native Oracle SQL, SP execution, etc. rather than EF-generated.

App configuration has been moved to New Relic servers and Show advanced settings > Record SQL? = Raw.

We’re having two issues

  1. SQL is nowhere to be seen in transaction traces. Queries show up in Database, Slow Queries. Oracle operations are in traces, but they are not hyperlinked and I could not find SQL anywhere there.

  2. In Slow Queries I see original query with bind variables, but no bind values to be found:

FROM era_internal_users
WHERE login_id = :login_id

@DKroot -

For 1 - I think you’ve run into a known issue with agent version 6. Could you try agent version 6.1 where I believe this issue is fixed.

For 2 - Currently the agent has no visibility into parameterized values. The “Raw” setting will only reveal the value itself if provided or the parameter if the value is parameterized but it won’t go the extra mile and determine the parameterized value.

I’d be glad to make a feature request for the second item.