No support for totp-generator?

My application is soon going to FORCE all users to use MFA (which I’m sure many other applications will as well).

Luckily, we support TOTP, so it’s easy to handle that w/ automated tests. You can easily do that (in js/node) with the totp-generator module. However, according to supported-third-party-modules you do not support that module.

What’s New Relic’s policy on generating TOTP codes for Synthetics? Can we get support for this module? How does one go about getting a module approved for use?

Thanks in advance.

Hi, @emmet.mcguire: I think you will have to configure private locations, which allow you to install custom Node modules.

Thanks for the quick reply @philweber . I can start looking into that, but there are a few reasons why that isn’t necessarily a good option (or so it seems via a quick look). For one, there are budgetary reasons why that might not feasible, and there is additional infrastructure that we would need to manage (the docker instances).

Is there a way to request that you add a specific module to the supported list so we could continue to use Synthetics as we do today, without having to resort to a private location?

There is not an official process to request that New Relic support an additional module. If you are working with an account team, you might mention it to them.