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No ticketing support for paid account



Hi there

for some reasons I am not able to lodge new support tickets on paid account (Essential plan).

I see get support link, but then after I identify the area, I am getting text:
Support for your account is now available in our customer community, the Explorers Hub. Every support question asked in the Explorers Hub receives attention from New Relic.

Screenshot attached

Can you explain, what is going on?

Is it really a new NewRelic policy that there is no any private support option for paid account, only public forum?

Tried to contact local team (we are in AU) - have not got any definite answer for a week.

That is pretty frustrating guys

P.S. It seems similar with this issue Cannot create support ticket


Hi @bondisands - Thanks for posting here.

Firstly, I’m happy to get a ticket created on your behalf. Let me know some details of your support issue (by DM here) and I can get that done for you.

One of our goals here in the Explorers Hub is to ensure there is enough current & accurate information, be that in the form of customers questions being answered, or New Relic staff written Level Up Posts, for you to be able to find the answers you need quickly.

To that end we are asking that more customers post their questions in the Explorers Hub - which will get those answers in to the public domain.

New Relic Support Engineers do monitor the Explorers Hub, so we will try our best to get you answers here in the community, and if in our troubleshooting, we require PII or information best not shared publicly, we will create a private support ticket for you. But this also gives others the opportunity to help too. Our community thrives when our members help each other, and that’s what we are trying to achieve here.

With all of that said. I understand this may be a frustrating experience for you, and while we do hope you’ll give the community a chance at helping with your questions, if you can DM me some information here (Your email address & details of your support case), I’ll get a support ticket created for you.


Hi Ryan

so it isn’t mistake, but intentional move?

With all respect, you need to reconsider it,

Many support issue require sharing private information, so totally not suitable for public space. It should be up to customer (at least paid customer) to decide, where his/her issue belong - public forum or private support ticket,

You have a great product, but things like that totally ruin customer experience.

You are able to have private support tickets even with cheap $5/month hosting and we are talking here about much more expensive solution.



Hi @bondisands -

Jumping in for @RyanVeitch who is based in the EU and offline now.

That is correct - it’s intentional, and we very much appreciate you giving the feedback. We do certainly understand that some issues require sharing sensitive log data etc. If that’s the case, we can move the case to a private ticket. We also ensure that anything related to accounts goes straight to ticket for these privacy reasons.

I’ll take your feedback to the team, and in the meantime, let us know what your issue is so we can help you get sorted - here or in a ticket.



Hi Holly

fair enough and thanks for quick reply.

Yes, if you open a ticket for me it will be helpful



On it - be on the lookout for an email from us.