No timing data for AMP page views


Hi! We’re trying to build a dashboard with data about our AMP page views, but I’m finding that a lot of information is lost in this king of page views.

There are no page views in PageViewTiming from AMP domains (* In addition, PageViewTiming doesn’t have the mobileOptimized field which I’m using to extract information from PageView (WHERE mobileOptimized = 'amp') to get data from AMP page views. I can’t get any of the fancy metrics (LCP, FCP, CLS, FID…) from AMP page views.

Is this a bug? Is this intended behavior? Is there something we can do to get this kind of data on AMP page views?

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So, we’re getting few data now and starting July we’re going to get even less?

Is there some alternative to this or are we just going to lose information about AMP traffic?

No idea. I’m guessing you are part of the Beta if you are using it. Do you have anyone on the NR side you were working with on the Beta?