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No transaction traces are coming through, but other data is


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php version 7.1
agent version latest

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Hi there,
My app is sending data through to New Relic, but I have not had any transaction traces. My app is definitely slow on some pages that are above 2 seconds which is the threshold for transactions. However I have received nothing.
Agent has been reinstalled already.

Can you please help?



Transaction Traces are only captured for the slowest request that exceeds your chosen threshold each 1 minute harvest cycle. This means you may have some transactions which are sometimes over the threshold but do not get traces because there is a slower trace for another transaction already captured.

You can also adjust the threshold in your newrelic.ini with this setting:


@beastman thanks for your response. However, as stated my application has received zero transaction traces.


Hi, @nick27: What is your transaction trace threshold?


@philweber it is 2.0 seconds (4 * apdex_t)


OK, I am looking at one of your applications (named after an alloy and a color :slight_smile:), and I definitely see some transactions (such as home-page) that have a response time well over 2 seconds, so you should be seeing some transaction traces.

I think you will need a support engineer to troubleshoot this issue, so I am going to open a support ticket for you. Look for an email shortly.


@philweber Thanks so much.


@nick27 - please do come back here to update us on the resolution you find in your Support ticket :smiley: