Node Connectivity Issue Affecting Versions 4.11 to 5.2.1

Hello Node.js community,

We wanted to follow up regarding a connectivity issue affecting versions 4.11 through 5.2.1 of the Node Agent. The net effect of this issue is that the agent would stop reporting data after encountering a loss of connection (DNS timeout, TCP connectivity issue), but would resume collecting data after a restart.

To fix the issue, all you need to do is upgrade to version >= 5.3.0.You can find upgrade instructions here (this is a major version change so please review the migration guide): A fix for v4 of the Node agent forthcoming.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the connectivity issue.

P.S. In general, we encourage you to upgrade early and often. We are consistently working to improve our agents and by upgrading, you get the benefit of new features, as well as fixes to existing issues as soon as possible.


Follow up to this post above :point_up:

We also released version 4.13.1 with the fix for those unable to make a major version upgrade right now.