[Node] Detailed query analysis for the database

I have a setup of nodebb framework along with a mongodb database hosted on an aws instance . I am not able to see the detailed query for the database. I want to have a complete and clear understanding of that queries are database handling .

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Hello @stage-admin :wave:

I have a couple questions for you!

  • What Node Version are you on?
  • What is your Node agent version?
  • What framework are you using?
  • Are you using an ODM or ORM in your application?
  • Are you bundling or transpiling your code? For example, are you using Babel, Webpack, Typescript, etc.?
  • What detail are you missing? For example, are you hoping to see the raw query?

It would also be helpful if you could share a link from New Relic One to one of the database queries that is missing information. Only those on your account and New Relic Admins will be able to view you application information.

Let me know any other questions and I look forward to your response!