[Node] Ignore portion of transaction from reporting server time

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I have a GET route in my Express NodeJS project which contains inside it some logic & an API call to an external vendor. The vendor has their own SLA and their endpoint is not critical to the client’s application, so my only requirement for error handling is to put a timeout on the call and do nothing else. Unfortunately the vendor’s endpoint often takes 2+s to resolve, whereas my API responds in an average of ~200ms without the extra call. I also cannot cache the Vendor’s response as the data is user-specific. The vendor’s slow response times are really messing up my application’s metrics in New Relic.

Is there a way to completely ignore the portion of the transaction that performs Vendor logic? Alternatively, is there a way to “pause” New Relic temporarily while within a transaction?

Thank you.

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Hello @899212d55b6b4b66170e ,

Thank you for using our Online Technical Community! A colleague and I tried running a few tests from our end to see if this is possible, but currently the Node agent does not have an ability to either ignore a portion of a transaction or “pause” the agent while within a transaction at this time. I have submitted a feature request on your behalf for this option to be considered for a future release. Thanks for helping us improve the product!

If you have an opportunity, please visit our Technical Community (https://discuss.newrelic.com/c/feature-ideas/) where you can add your use case and as a Feature Idea. This will allow other New Relic users to discover your idea and participate in the conversation by adding their use cases, possible workarounds, and even their vote.

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