[Node] Not showing error log in Node.js backend application

error logs not visible in new relic. installed and flows all step form below link:


node js , pm2

Hi, @developers106: Have you configured log forwarding? Forward your logs to New Relic | New Relic Documentation.

it’s not detecting node js application
its running with pm2.

I suggest installing the Node agent manually: Install the Node.js agent | New Relic Documentation.

node agent is already installed but not showing error logs in new relic

Then you must configure log forwarding: Forward your logs to New Relic | New Relic Documentation. I said that before, and you posted a screenshot about not detecting Node application.

followed document and installed all things. but issue not resolved also implemented log context

Please post the content of your logging.yml file in the logging.d directory.


Okay, is one of those files where your Node application is writing its logs? If not, you must add your Node application’s log file to logging.yml.

added but still not showing logs.

Have you had any errors since you added the file? The Infrastructure agent will only send new messages written to the file, not existing ones. You may test it by opening the log file with a text editor and manually adding a line, then save it and wait a few minutes for the data to be sent to New Relic.

yes added some line after that but not showing in new relic.

Okay, I am out of suggestions. A support engineer will assist you as soon as possible.

Hi @philweber,
please assign support engineer for this ticket asap.


Hi @developers106

Thanks for reaching out, I have gone ahead a reached out to the engineer team here, they are working on this and will post here with any updates they have.

Please feel free to reach out with questions, additional info or fixes you may have.

Hi @dcody,
any update on this?

Hi @developers106

I can see the engineer team are working on this currently.

I have reached out and requested they update here as soon as they have an update. We appreciate your patience here.

Hi dcody,
is there any update on thi?


I’ve had a chance to review this information, and I’ll need some additional information to proceed:

Can you provide a permalink to the application in question? Could you share a link to your application in New Relic One? Only those on your account and New Relic Admins will be able to view your application. To create a permalink within the New Relic, you can use the ‘Share’ button in the top right corner under your user profile or share the full URL from any page

Moreover, can you confirm the agent version you’re working with? I want to be sure you’re using an up to date version of the agent - this is necessary in order to forward your logs.

Can you verify that you have log forwarding enabled, and if so, please share the environment variable or line from your newrelic.js file where you have done so?